Regency Olive Ranch LLC.

(A Division of The Margaret Tsai Trust)
2040 Golpa Drive, Solvang CA 93463
Phone (805) 693-1133 ext. 212.
Fax: (805) 686-5083
A Private Grower
We are a non-commercial olive ranch consisting of 18 hillside acres of Leccino, Frantoio, Pandolino, Maurino, Taggiasca, and Arbosana variety of olive trees with a state-of-the-art processing mill.
The Mill
Approximately 7, 048 sq. ft. facility fitted with
  • Gruppo Pieralisi No. 1 automatic continuous olive oil extraction plant
  • Mod. Molinova 2 TG, (500 LT/EACH BASIN) + centrifugal extractor Mod. EFFE/3 + a vertoca; separator mod. Bravo, for the process of about 900 kg/h max of olives installed in 2009, housing a Fairbanks scale (AEGIS SS 4×4’ 5000 lb. floor scale, cooling room, office-break room.
  • Regency Olive Ranch LLC is an active member of the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) and fully supports and scribes to their standards. Regency Olive Ranch LLC proudly uses exclusively Pieralisi Milling equipment.
The Story

In Greek mythology, Athena’s peaceful gift of the olive provides light, heat, medicine, perfume and food to the world.

Kei Lin, the mother of Margaret Tsai , was a successful culinary entrepreneur in Japan in the 1940’s who imparted the family tradition of detail-oriented excellence and a love for the cultivation of the highest quality food. In 1998, Mrs. Tsai purchased the Solvang property, and six young varietals were planted by 2002. The 1st successful olive production was in 2008; the 2nd in 2010; the 3rd harvest in 2017 was a large production of exceptional quality. Each production underwent strict analysis, and was approved by the California Olive Oil Council panel and recognized for tasting excellence.

Officers and Management

Margaret Tsai - Owner-manager

J Jason Harvie - Assistant Manager

Phone: (805) 693-1133 ext. 204
Fax: (805) 686-5308

Offices are located at
1501 Fredensborg Canyon Road
Solvang, California 93463-2042

Los Angles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

2011 – Silver Medal

Central Coast Olive Oil Competition

2011 – Gold Ribbon

Regency Olive Ranch, LLC donates a portion of their harvest to The Kei Lin Foundation, dedicated to helping youth pursue careers in agriculture, and assisting seniors to live more a comfortable life, free of despair.

To receive a gift of this exceptional olive oil, please contact The Kei Lin Foundation at (805) 688-5816 or email