Influence in Japanese culture of quiet serenity in reclaiming of earth commodity, a valued land. The use of land greatly differs in the Ginza Street, city of Tokyo. Chinese Culinary
excellence was established in 1950 by Mother Kei Lin. It took a long time; accidentally 1999 found a land similarity compared to preference olive tree ground is now called Regency Olive Ranch, California. Incidentally, the property was purchased in order to satisfy an interest in riding my own horse. It was the personal interest in practicing show jumping events. I was in and out of both US and Japan. That was a diversion to add to my situation in Japan. My trusted friend and financial manager were making executive decisions. My Mother’s “Codicil Case” was contested at Family Court in Japan for ten years. No goal, grand scale infrastructure development at property thereafter ceased in 2007. The young varietal trees were planted 2002. the 1 st successful olive production at 2008, 2nd at 2009 and the 3 rd cold winter press at 2010 usual succession of quality and largest quantity produced. Each production underwent strict chemical analysis and approved COOC Panel of tasting excellent. As it is in family tradition of detail oriented excellence, in achieving quality product of Olive Oil will continue to add history of California Regency Olive Oil. I am encouraged to pursue production of Olive Oil; it is on its way after being through all the extremely difficult task of management after planting on a hillside with strong wind and rain. I have engaged further into milling to secure the quality of olive oil.